How to Order

The following questions should be asked during the custom slipcover order process.
These questions will help you determine how to order the slipcover and how to price the job accordingly.


What do you like slipcovered?

Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, etc.

Sectionals are priced by individual piece


Does the furniture have separate back cushions? If so how many?


What type of skirt is desired?

Tailored (straight skirt with pleat at each corner) This is standard.

Ruffled (upcharge).

No skirt (if possible).


When using a customer's own material (COM) what does the fabric look like?

Stripe (20% upcharge) 10% more yardage.

Plaid (40%) upcharge) 20% more yardage.

Pattern that needs to be centered or matched (10% more yardage).



When using the customer's own material (COM) note that the following are considered hard to work fabrics and will be charged a 10% extra labor fee.



Loose weave (linens).

Upholstery weight.


When using the customer's own material (COM) do they want the slipcovers to be machine washable?

If yes, all fabrics need to be pre-washed prior to cutting appointment.

The Cover Story charges $2.00 per yard to hot wash and dry fabrics.

Machine-washable slipcovers MUST be overlocked.


New seat or back cushion inserts are available.